Training Tails Enrichment Program

Meet Our Trainers


Ted, our Head Trainer, attended of the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers in 2015, where graduated from both the Professionals and Master’s program with his two German Shepherds, Fossa (a black and tan shepherd) and Katana (a sable shepherd). There, he learned how to train dogs ranging from basic pet obedience to more advanced obedience such as the Utility level of AKC, IPO/Schutzhund, tracking, and scent detection. His main goal is building confidence in both the dog and the owner through training. Confidence is fundamental to creating a bridge of communication and helps dogs understand what is expected of them. Ted is a patient trainer and always gives a dog the chance to make the right decision. When he isn’t working, Ted spends his free time volunteering with “Got Your 6”, a nonprofit organization, where he helps train service dogs that are placed with veterans.

Sarah has always had a love for animals, so it’s no surprise that she’s found a career in dog training. She has a wide experience with both domestic and exotic animals as an intern for a zoo in Louisiana, the Humane Society, and the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, MO. In 2016, she attended the professionals program at the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers. There, she learned a wide variety of advanced training techniques and methods. Her main focus is to help owners establish clear lines of communication with their dogs. Whether it’s basic pet obedience or specific behavioral issues, Sarah will work closely with you and remain committed to your goals. Above all, she makes working with your dog fun! Along with completing her last two requirements at the Tom Rose School, Sarah plans on competing with her Dutch shepherd, Remus, in PSA, and her black lab, Sirius Black, in AKC.

In-Home Private Lessons

One of our trainers will come to your home and work with you one on one and help you tackle any obstacles you might be having.

One Day Refresher

Here for just the day? Ask Training Tails to pull your pet for a little refresher. We will work with your dog several times throughout the day to sharpen any command they already know.

One-on-One Personal Training

Does your pooch need some schooling? Drop your dog off daily at Happy Tails to play and our trainers will work with them several times a day to work to give them the education they deserve! Our trainers will cover everything from the basics, such as sit, down, sit-stay, down-stay, “chill”, to the proper and polite way to greet people and other dogs. Once a week, at pick up, you will meet with one of our trainers to help transfer training to your home. We will also cover how to avoid, change and prevent unwanted behaviors at home. Upon graduation of the full Training Tails Enrichment Program your pup will be awarded with their diploma and a graduation picture!
3 Week Course, Monday-Friday.
For dogs of all ages
* FREE Daycare included.


Are you always trying to find something fun to do with your pup? Training Tails Agility offers a group course that focuses on fun rather than competition. Our class will help build confidence and help burn off some of that extra energy! Your pooch will be able to explore and preform on all of our equipment including our A Frame, Cat Walk, Weave Poles and more! By the end of our 6 week course our trainers will have you and your pup jumping through hoops and preforming like pros!
Agility Class: 6 weeks