An important part of any fine hotel is the salon and spa! Happy Tails Canine Enrichment Center is no different. Our Pampered Tails spa offers complete grooming services for the health and well-being of your four-legged family members, including cats. From heated massage baths and ear cleaning to nail trimming and teeth brushing, Pampered Tails offers all the grooming services your pet will ever need.

All grooming services are conveniently available as an addition to a daycare visit, an overnight stay or a la carte.

Our full time, in house groomers even specialize in hand-scissoring for distinctive, breed-specific cuts.

The Shed-Less Treatment

Pampered tails also offers the veterinarian-endorsed Furminator (Shedless) Treatment, dramatically reducing the mess of loose hair, pet dander and other airborne irritants that can trigger allergies. The treatment is designed for both long and short-hair dogs and 1-2 treatments have been proven to reduce shedding by 60-80%.

It all starts with a massaging bath that separates the dog’s coat, stimulates hair follicles and invigorates circulation. Then the specifically formulated de-shedding solution is applied. This loosens the undercoat. Then a high velocity dryer is used to further separate and remove excess hair. This process is followed by a thorough brushing and combing. Finally, the custom designed Furminator deshedding tool is used to extract loose hair and leave only the shiny, healthy top coat.

Our Grooming Services Include

      • Bath: Includes nail and pad trim, ears cleaned and anal glands expressed
      • Groom: Bath and a haircut
      • Pedicure: Pawlish applied to your pet’s nails in their favoirite color (or yours)
      • Puppy Cut: Bath plus clip where head and body fur are the same length
      • Scissor Cut: Bath plus haircut leaving the coat fluffy and longer than 1 1/2″ length
      • Shave Down: Bath plus complete shave leaving hair longer on the head and tail
      • Strip: Bath plus complete shave including head and tail

Prices vary per dog and is up to the groomers discretion once they have seen the dog. Additional fees may apply for different shampoos, extra brushing, de-matting, and handling fees for difficult dogs.

Orientation FAQs

To learn about our orientation process and other general information, please view our Frequently Asked Questions. For additional information please Contact Us. We’re open 24/7/365!